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I was so excited when Kristina contacted me about doing engagement pictures for her and Bo. I hadn’t seen her since high school (we went to prom in the same limo!) and had never met Bo, so it was a good chance to catch up. I also got to meet their adorable and super energetic puppies, Buster and Dusty. We headed out to a few of my new favorite spots in Davis and hit the perfect light. Kristina and Bo are not only completely adorable together, they’re also totally fun and hilarious! I can’t wait to see the pictures from their upcoming Vegas wedding. Congratulations, guys!

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I think it’s pretty safe to say that Amanda is my muse! I know I can call her up with any crazy idea and she’ll commit 100%. I told her I wanted to shoot her bare belly with a scarf covering her boobs for a hippie vibe, and she was ready with a long skirt and her hair flowing. That’s dedication! She was thirty three weeks pregnant here and in the home stretch… I only have a few more weeks to work the belly shots, but then there will be an adorable baby, so it’s a good compremise.

This week I also got a fisheye lens, so I was really excited to test it out. Fisheye + pregnant belly = perfection.

The water in the creek was really shallow but nice and cool and felt amazing. Totally worth the hike down the hill and the millions of little spiders crawling all around our bare feet.

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I was able to spend 4th of July in Utah with my sister and her family. Between thunderstorms, we were able to get outside and play with some fire. This year, aerial fireworks were legal which was thrilling for the neighborhood kids and nervewracking for everyone else. I played with slow shutter speeds (between 2 and 8 seconds) to capture the trails on the fireworks. I also swindled some of the kids into playing with sparklers (which wasn’t hard at all.) Them running around freely happened organically (shocker!) and turned out to be much more interesting than the shots of them spelling out their names that I had planned.

This is my favorite shot of the night; ghostly!

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Jenni texted me to let me know that Lilli got a pair of pink sunglasses AND learned to lift her head up while laying on her belly, so naturally we wanted to take some pictures. But of course, it was a thousand degrees outside and Lil wasn’t having any of that sunglasses business. But look how cute she is!

(also, see how much she’s changed in just a month here)

Before my mom ever met Megan, I showed her a picture and my mom said “Megan is fun!” My mom is right, Megan IS fun. I can always count on Megs to cheer me up and make me feel great about pretty much everything. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to be sad around Megan. It just is.

This day was super exciting because this was the first time I’ve seen Megan’s foot in months! After an unfortunate dodgeball incident which ended with a pink cast and crutches, Megs was slightly outta commission for the last few months. But at least her pedicures were half price! But now she’s back and better than ever! Not that a cast really stopped her…

It would appear that the theme of this day was “Megan and trees.” We stopped off at the park for a few minutes of walking crutch free after a lovely dinner & catch up sesh. See what I mean about Megs just exuding happiness? Love her!

To continue with the theme of taking pictures of friends that I adore but stupidly lost touch with over the years, here’s Aurora! Since I’ve seen her last, she got a kick ass half-sleeve, a job with robots, a big ol’ rock on her finger and the cutest dog ever, Baloo. We spent so much more time  talking and reminiscing about our shenanigans in high school sewing class than taking pictures, which was awesome. Even though I took less than half the number of pictures I usually do, I still ended up with enough winners to fill up a post. See, you’re not as awkward as we thought, Aurora :) I’m so so glad I got to catch up with Aurora and I know there will be much more hanging out in the future and hope there will be more pictures, too.

I’m starting to feel like I have a disproportionate number of hot friends. I mean, really, do other people ask their friends to pose for pictures and end up with this?

I feel lucky.

The first time I met Shelee, we were at a bar and I looked over and she was pulling beers and a bottle opener out of her purse. I’ve loved her ever since! She has an adorable son, Miko, and I was really excited to take pictures of them. Miko is a little sweetie, super cute and really fast!

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My favorite part of the day was when Miko said “Mom, come here, I want to hold you.” Melted my heart right on the spot :]


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